Summer Camp For The Kids

Summer Camp

Welcome to theKids ‘R’ Kids Clubhouse,
where everyone belongs!

Get ready for a summer camp experience you’ll never forget as we explore, examine, create, share, and have a blast in a variety of extraordinary clubs! 

June 3 – June 14 – Culture Club~Hop aboard as we take imaginary trips to explore and to explore local cultures and customs. 

June 17 – June 28 – CSI : Crime Scene Investigators~ There are many mysteries (unexplained things) in the world, and as Camp SceneInvestigators, campers will investigate many of them.

 July 1 – July 12 – Techno Club~ Technology and simple machines are all around! Campers will learn new concepts about technology while engaged infun, high energy, hands-on experiences.

 July 15 – July 31 – Action Club~ Campers will have a blast learning about reusing, renewing, and recycling.

August 5 – August 16 – Studio Club~ Campers will explore several kindd of studio art, providing

many opportunities to showcase their unique talents!


Programs are available for all children big or small…

Sprout Camp – is for children ages 15 months – 4 years

Junior/Jv Camp – is for children ages 5 & 6 years

Senior/Varsity – is for children ages 7-12 years


Call us or stop in for a visit today to find out all about our Camp Clubhouse for your child!


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