Happy Living in Crystal Lake

Weather you’ve recently moved to Crystal Lake or have lived there for years, it never hurts to find something new. Crystal Lake is a great place to find a home, you can always find a house for sale or a house for rent in Crystal Lake. There are amazing schools in Crystal Lake, and it’s won the Governor’s Home Town Award. The most famous part of Crystal Lake would have to be the lake itself, it’s name being infamous with Jason Voorhees and the Crystal Lake Camp.  Friday The 13th movies!

Crystal Lake is the largest town in McHenry County with over 40,000 residents. The town has three high schools and many subdivisions, and lots of shopping areas both along Route 14 and in the downtown area of the town. Crystal Lake’s stretch of Route 14 is home to Sam’s Club, Super Wal-mart, Menard’s, Gamestop, Sears, Barnes & Noble, Pier One, Hobby Lobby, Target, and countless other shopping opportunities. The downtown area offers a variety of small business shopping in a quaint village setting.

Crystal Lake was named in 1835 by Ziba S. Beardsley who had come to the shores of the lake and commented that the “waters were as clear as crystal”, which gave the lake its name. The lake offers two beaches, Main Beach and West Beach. The beaches are open to residents and non-residents during summer months and features a boat launch, boat rental, fishing, concession stand, picnicking, and swimming at the beaches.


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